Eating and Cooking in tune with “lagom” means embracing food that is good for body and soul, unfussy, delicious and sustaining, ... All in harmony. We love life-food balance, and our passion is served in every meal. We started this journey because we believe we can help children learn to love healthy food and build lifelong healthy eating habits. Therefore we developed LAGOM Kitchen & Canteen.


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Knowles-Dellner, S. , (2017), Lagom: The Swedish Art of Eating Harmoniously, UK: Quadrille Publishing Ltd.



We are a group of Peruvian professionals in collective food. We provide lunches and snacks with an approach based on trust, pride and the enjoyment of both our customers and us. Throughout 15 years of experience, we have developed different food service concession brands: PRO-BOCA: Food Concessionaire; La Mutti: Deli Café; Fika: Bar & Kitchen; Lagom: School Cafeterias.


We daily attend more than 4,500 customers in 25 locations, along with a team of more than 180 collaborators. All our branches are located in Lima within corporations such as:


1.- Build parents trust.
2. Inspire students to adopt healthier eating habits. They will decide what to eat based on healthy alternatives and a guided choice. Through an app, you will have access to information about the student's daily consumption.

Lagom | Kitchen and Canteen

How it Works

Lagom Wallet

Make secure online deposits into your children’s lunch account at your own convenience.

Students Pick

Everyday they will decide what to eat based on our healthy alternatives and guidance.

Check Out

Weekly Planed Meal or Grab & Go. Students spend less time in the lines.


Find Out what your child is eating at lunch, get our meal plans and keep track on their accounts.


From 1st grade

Weekly Plan Menu

Students Create BYO (build your own) Lunch based on the 6 options they will find from Monday to Friday (same options for each day of the week).

Lunches are safely served on a hotline by Lagom staff. Options:

  • Cafeteria Tray & Tableware service includes: salad + main course + sugar-free drink + fruit-based dessert.
  • Grab & Go in a craft paper bowl includes: main course + sugar-free drink.

  • 4 Week Rotating Meal Plan:  Eng | Cast

According to availability for each school

Daily Plan Menu

Lunch is delivered to their classes each day during lunch break.

4 Week Rotating Meal Plan:  Eng | Cast

Grab ´n Go
From 1st grade

  • Takeaway complete meals.
  • Salads, Buddha Bowls, Power Bowls, Sushi, Poke, 2 Share, Bowls, and much more…

  • * Eco friendly disposable packaging.
Eng | Cast

From 1st grade

Daily Plan:  Eng | Cast

Students spend less time in queues.

Daily Snack Favorites Go Grab ’N Go. They will pick up their snack during the first break.

4 Week Rotating Recess Snack Plan:  Eng | Cast

From 1st grade

Daily Plan:  Eng | Cast

Daily Power Snack-Packs for after-school activities. Students will pick up their snack-pack option at end of classes.

4 Week Rotating Recess Snack Plan:  Eng | Cast

From 1st grade, all day long...

Brekkie, Sandwiches, Cero Guilt Pizza, Quesadillas, Wraps, Firewood Bakery Stuffed Bread, Snacks, Desserts, and Beverages.

* Eco-friendly disposable packaging

Eng | Cast

Take LAGOM Wherever You GO

  • Find Out what your child is eating at Lagom.
  • Get our meal plans.
  • Keep track of the student’s accounts.
  • We appreciate your honesty, leave comments and suggestions thru our app


Meet our Nutritionist (Video)

    Sandra Sologuren Bryce

    Lic. ND Ing CNP 3513

Grow & Glow Campaign



How much should I deposit into my children’s account?

Monthly, an average student spends about S/.319, based on our Weekly Planed Meal. In the same period of time, an average student spends about S/.583 based on our Weekly Planed Meal plus a daily Cafeteria consumption. However this amount may vary depending on their age and activities.

Can you make payments with your smartphone?

Lagom APP does not support payment features.

The app shows consumption in Real Time?

Our system uploads consumption info daily.

If I make a payment in the bank, the account statement is updated immediately?

Deposit received after our cut-off time of 6:00 p.m., or on a day that is not a business day, will be considered as being received on the next business day.

If I am not familiar with the use of the app, how do I find out about my child's account?

Regardless of the APP, our system will send an email with the students balance and consumption monthly.

Lagom | Kitchen and Canteen


Create an Account and Easily Make Payments any Time and on-the-Go


    At any time parents or guardians can make deposits in our bank account to create a virtual wallet for each student and thus have their own account, and dispose of our products without the need to carry money, although we also accept cash, Visa, and Mastercard at the time. What they consume automatically will be deducted from each student's account.


      1. Make a transfer or deposit: Banco de Credito de Peru
      Account: CUENTA CORRIENTE Soles
      Number: 194-2307639-0-83
      Interbank Code: 00219400230763908392
      Company info: VSD Alimentos y Bebidas E.I.R.L RUC 20511555729

      2. Send us a screenshot with a voucher, indicating the student's full name and grade to: (for Altair students) (for Cambridge students) (for Colegio Franklin Delano Roosevelt students)

    :: PAGOS

      En cualquier momento los padres o apoderados podrán realizar depósitos en nuestra cuenta bancaria para crear un monedero virtual para cada alumno. Aquello que consuma automáticamente debitará de cada una de las cuentas de los estudiantes.


        1. Realizar transferencia: Banco de Crédito del Perú
        Cuenta Corriente Soles: 194-2307639-0-83
        Código Interbancario: 00219400230763908392
        VSD ALIMENTOS Y BEBIDAS E.I.R.L RUC 20511555729

        2. Enviar constancia de transferencia indicando nombre completo y grado del estudiante a: (for Altair students) (for Cambridge students) (for Colegio Franklin Delano Roosevelt students)

      :: CONTACT

:: Create Account


Insert: 01 Roosevelt - 02 Cambridge - 03 Altair

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